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Nikki FincannonWelcome to Nikki Fincannon's channel on The Southport Times. Nikki is a freelance photographer located in Eastern North Carolina. View Nikki's work for The Southport Times below.

Nikki's Bio:
Photography is my
passion. I thrive on taking breath-taking photographs. I love to portray ordinary, every day things in a new perspective.

My husband is in the United States Marine Corps and we moved to our first duty station in Kaneohe, Hawaii in June of 2005. The natural beauty of the island left me breathless and in awe. For the first time I found myself behind the camera and it felt so natural. After I took my first photograph I couldn't stop, I could see a "Photograph" everywhere I went and in everything. I have been a Photographer ever since.

Nikki's Website:

Nikki's Work For The Southport Times:

Added Title Subject
12/6/2011 "You're A Mean One" Christmas By The Sea Parade
10/25/2011 "Hanging Moss" Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson
10/13/2011 "Beach Mouse" Mouse on the Beach
9/26/2011 "Goodnight Boats" Southport Marina
9/13/2011 "Midnight Lighthouse" Oak Island Lighthouse
8/30/2011 "Hurricane Irene" Hurricane Irene - Southport, NC
8/24/2011 "Moon Beams" Atlantic Ocean - Oak Island, NC
8/11/2011 "Near Extinction" Sandy's Seafood - Southport, NC
8/5/2011 "Sea Nettle" Jellyfish - NC Aquarium
7/20/2011 "Thoughtful Spot" Marsh - Southport, NC
7/1/2011 "In Flight" Seagull - Southport, NC


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