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"Beach Mouse"

by Nikki Fincannon

"Beach Mouse" by Nikki Fincannon

Photographer's Notes:

Sometimes if you slow down and just take everything in, you will catch a glimpse of something unexpected. My daughter and I took our dog for a walk at The Point near Kings Lynn and as we strolled along looking for shells and watching nature, I caught a glimpse of this little guy out of the corner of my eye. I was expecting to see the gulls and pelicans, maybe a fish or two jumping out of the water, but certainly not a mouse. I moved very slowly to take off my backpack that holds my camera and he continued to watch me. I finally got my camera out and he ran to the other side of a small plant, so I tiptoed closer and saw him eating. I took a few shots and decided to move in closer. I am not sure if he was used to people or if I caught him at a good time, but I eventually got within about 2 feet of him and squatted down and began photographing. I sat with him for about 30 minutes, until my daughter got restless. It was a very pleasant surprise to sit with this little mouse for a while!

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