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2006 Pictures of the Defunct Port Motel - Southport, NC

On October 6th, 2006, The Port Motel, once a Southport landmark, was demolished and reduced to rubble. In it's prime The Port Motel was a popular place to stay for tourists visiting the Southport area. After closing it's doors in the early 2000s, The Port Motel quickly fell into a state of disrepair and became a haven for the homeless and transients.

The Port Motel was located at 4821 Long Beach Road in Southport, NC.

Below, please find photos of The Port Motel in it's final days and pictures of the demolition:

The Port Motel - Road Signs

The Port Motel - Front View and Road Signs

The Port Motel - Looking Down Left Side

The Port Motel - Front View Zoom

The Port Motel - Right Side View

The Port Motel - Rooms

The Port Motel - More Rooms

The Port Motel - Demolition View

The Port Motel - Reduced To Rubble

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