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Pictures of Boiling Spring Lake Drained

In 2007, Boiling Spring Lake, located in the City of Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina and deriving its name from the city in which it is located, began to mysteriously lose water. Many speculated that a sinkhole had formed in the limestone bed of the lake, as had happened several years earlier. Further speculation blamed the sinkhole on the intentional lowering of the lake to replace a 50 year old flood gate on the Alton Lennon Road Dam. The argument was, lowering the lake level disturbed the water mass equilibrium, thus causing a sink hole.

As the crown jewel and centerpiece lake of the city continued to deplete, pressure on city officials to rectify the problem escalated. The continuously lowering lake, combined with ongoing drought conditions in the region, soon began to expose tree stumps, logs and other submerged debris. The lake was closed to boaters and swimmers alike, prompting even further pressure from property owners, city residents and local real estate agents.

In the fall of 2007 the decision was made to open all 4 floodgates and drain the lake completely, so as to determine the true cause of the lowering water levels. After draining the lake, it was determined that 2 large sinkholes was the cause of the problem. The sinkholes were packed with clay and by mid-October of 2007 the floodgates were closed and the problem was considered rectified. It took about 1 year for the water level to return to its natural level.

Below, please find a photographic archive of this historic event.

Boiling Spring Lake Drained 2007


Alton Lennon Park on Alton Lennon Road


Boat Access on Alton Lennon Road


Algae Begins To Grow on Exposed Lake Bottom


Alton Lennon Dam


Sink Hole (Left Side of Frame)


Crews Begin To Access Sinkhole


Crews Begin To Fill Sinkhole With Clay

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