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Hurricane Irene - August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene brushed by Southport, NC in the early morning of August 27, 2011. The hurricane was a category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds of approximately 100mph. After avoiding a direct hit to Southport, Hurricane Irene eventually made landfall well to the north in Cape Lookout, NC. Maximum sustained winds at the time of landfall were 90mph. The highest recorded wind speed in the Southport area was a gust of 68mph recorded on nearby Bald Head Island.

Damage in the Southport area was mainly limited to downed limbs, a few fallen trees and some minor flooding, although some minor structural damage was reported at the Wingate Inn, Surf Cinemas and a few residential properties. Power outages were also minimal and power was quickly restored after the storm. Beach erosion was minimal.

This is the second storm named Irene to affect the Southport area. The last Hurricane Irene was back in 1999.

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