Tropical Storm Ernesto - August 31, 2006

August 31, 2006 - Southport, North Carolina (NC) - Tropical Storm Ernesto made landfall at Long Beach on Oak Island, NC about 11:00pm. This storm was just shy of hurricane strength and will be remembered mainly as a rain event. Tropical Storm Ernesto dumped 8-12 inches of rain over the Southport area causing some minor flooding, particularly on certain flood-prone roadways. Wind damage was minimal throughout the area and life in the Southport area was back to normal the following morning, just in time for the busy Labor Day weekend. Power outages and beach erosion were also very minimal as a result of this storm.

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Doppler Radar

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Satellite

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Path

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Projected Path

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Hurricane Watches

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Tropical Storm Advisories

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