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Chris Bellamy

Chris Bellamy/Silver Buckle Records Artist/Chris Bellamy Publishing/Chris Bellamy Music. Chris Bellamy…Performing Artist, Songwriter, Recording Producer, Master Guitar Player, Studio Engineer, Music Career Consultant and Owner at Chris Bellamy Publishing. Chris is a signed Artist at Silver Buckle Records in Fort Worth, Texas.  That’s a lot of hats to wear! Add to that, one hundred and fifty plus dates a year, where he is playing live gigs which he books himself! Mostly, his shows are in the Southeastern United States in places where folks like to hang out! “South Florida and the Florida Keys, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and in his home state, North Carolina.” It is here in these places that you can find Chris Bellamy doing what he does best. Having fun, loving what he’s doing and bringing smiles to the people’s faces that he performs for! He has eight Albums containing one hundred songs. Ninety of them were written by the man himself! Then there is his “cover repertoire” which in itself is vast and is committed to memory. You will see no song books or I-pad scrollers on stage with Chris Bellamy! He knows his music! He’s been doing it for over thirty years! Recently, Chris Bellamy...Read More→

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Pro MC & Pro DJ Mike

Since 1992, over 3000 Weddings, Corp Events, Toga Parties to Black Tie Events.  Fully Mobile, million dollar liability insurance if needed.  Live in Southport NC, will travel.  YES I think its very important to meet in person so I can show you how everything is done.  Make sure you go to my website and read my reviews and watch the videos.

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The Dennis Walton Band

Dennis Walton is a local musician who has been performing in the Southport and Oak Island areas for a long time

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Southport Johnny & John’s Guitar Shop

Blues and Bluegrass Musician. Played all over the world with international artist now running John's Guitar Shop and concentrating on preforming locally in the Southport Oak Island and Wilmington area.

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