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Religion during the Civil War
is the topic of October 1st Round Table meeting

Rv. Jeff Roberts

Rev. Jeff Roberts

One of the least known and most interesting subjects about the Civil War revolves around the subject of religion, its effect and impact on events and even the outcome of the war. So, Max Williams, director and program coordinator for the Round Table, felt it was time to address this important subject, which emotionally affected everyone during this important period in our country’s history. “Both sides assumed that God really was on their side,” Williams commented. So, he called on Rev. Jeff Roberts, senior Pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church in Southport, for a suggestion for a knowledgeable speaker. Max had to look no farther, as Rev. Roberts volunteered to accept the assignment.

As a result, the Round Table is pleased to announce that Rev. Roberts will join the October 1st meeting to discuss religion. Specifically, his topic title is, “Torn between Two Lovers: the Dichotomy between Religious and Sectional Loyalties in the War Between the States.” He plans to approach the topic from the point of view that while religion was very important in most soldiers’ lives on both sides, the religious leaders and pastors struggled more with their loyalties concerning religious conviction, war, politics, etc.

As background, Rev. Roberts attended the United States Air Force Academy and Auburn University, receiving his B.S. degree in history from Tennessee Tech Cookeville. He earned his Master of Divinity from Duke University. He has had four appointments to United Methodist Churches in North Carolina: four years at Branson United Methodist Church in Durham; eight years at Salem United Methodist Church in Hurdle Mills; eight years at Bellmont United Methodist Church in Burlington; and, four years at Trinity United Methodist Church in Wilmington before coming to Southport.

The meeting will take place at Trinity United Methodist Church, located at 209 E. Nash St., Southport, across from the post office.  Registration begins at 6:30pm. The visitor fee is $5 which can be applied toward the $25 annual membership dues. Everyone is invited to join the now 570+ members which is considered to be the largest Civil War Round Table in the country. For more information, contact president Wally Rueckel at (910) 253-7382, or email to wrueckel@questor.com. The Round Table’s website is brunswickcivilwarroundtable.com.





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