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First Solar Electric System Turned on in Sunset Beach

Cape Fear Solar Systems Completes the First Residential Solar System in Sunset Beach

First Solar Electric System Turned on in Sunset Beach

April 3, 2013 - Wilmington, NC - Cape Fear Solar Systems, Wilmington, NC based leader in residential and light commercial solar system design and installation, announced completion of the first residential solar photovoltaic system in Sunset Beach, NC installed on the home of James and Susan Murray. The 4.58 kilowatt system will supply 65 percent of the house’s power saving the homeowners on average over a $1,150.00 annually in electricity during the next 30+ years.

"Solar was something we looked at 5-6 years ago, back when the economics weren’t that great," says James Murray, owner of the solar array. "Owning a beach house with a lot of sunlight, our human side called for minimizing our carbon footprint. When we did the math again last summer, we were surprised: coming from the banking industry, I realize that if you have the capital, solar has a return on investment better than any investment on the market. The decision was clear." Mr. Murray explains.

"Next, being concerned about the looks and quality of the installation, we contacted a few solar installers," Susan describes the process of going solar. "Will the company be around in 25 years? Will they install our system properly? Will they track the energy production? We wanted to make the right choice," Susan comments. She continues, "We felt very comfortable hiring Cape Fear Solar Systems because of their credentials and trustworthy numbers provided up front. The later experience only confirmed our decision." James further adds: "Also, the permitting process at Sunset Beach was fast and smooth, given the fact that this was the first residential solar in town. The system was installed in a couple of days, exactly according to the projected timeline, and because we were away during the installation, Cape Fear Solar called us and sent us photos every afternoon."

"Today and during the next 25 plus years of service, our beach house will produce electricity and we, as humans, will enjoy making it without direct pollution. Our bills are lower and we indirectly benefit from the solar panels in the form of extra shade on the house and cooler temperatures in the summer time," the happy homeowners share their excitement.

The system installed on the roof of the Murray residence was designed using fourteen high efficiency SunPower 327 watts solar panels with one standalone inverter to maximize the energy production. The SunPower 327 watt solar panel offers the highest efficiency available on the current market at 20.1 percent. Panel efficiency is critical for homes with limited roof space, or for homeowners investing in solar with the goal of producing the maximum energy output. The energy production of the solar array can be simply tracked with an online monitoring system.

The value of high efficiency panels lies in higher light capture: high efficiency solar modules perform better in low light or cloudy skies. Conventional photovoltaic panels have typical energy conversion rates of approximately 14 percent. Solar panels with higher efficiency generate more energy on a ‘watt for watt’ comparison basis.

"Cape Fear Solar Systems is passionately dedicated to empowering homes and small businesses with solar energy in our region," says John Donoghue, President of Wilmington, Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC. "We all work very hard to offer the best products at competitive prices, first-class craftsmanship and superb services. We are committed to providing an outstanding value to our customers, and as a result, we are often the first solar company to design and install a system in the local communities and neighborhoods," Donoghue emphasizes.

In the recent years, solar power has been booming all over the world. With the introduction of the tax credits in 2006, solar systems became a highly attractive investment in North Carolina. "Yet, the recent rebates on top of the tax credits made solar increasingly popular, slowly covering roofs of coastal residents," Donoghue closes.



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