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Reader Opinion: Wonderful News, Citizens of Southport!

Wonderful news, citizens of Southport!

Since my first visit to Southport I have told any one who listens that, if I were to move to any southern town, Southport would be my choice. It was love at first sight and I heard news this week that reinforced my feelings about your beautiful town. I learned that Southport was now part of "Coalition of Nuclear Communities." It shows the care, the concern, the love of the town you live in..........to choose to stand up and say.......WE WANT A SAFER COMMUNITY! It will take many years to find a place to rid ourselves of the nuclear waste in the spent fuel pools, something the NRC has said it is the least safe of any storage. Fact is, they are not carrying out the law to demand the moving of these accidents waiting to happen, just like what occurred in Fukushima, Japan, where the homeland will not be livable for generations if ever. I live in the shadow of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station which has outlived the expected life it was built to last.

But, townspeople need to speak up and that's why I congratulate the intelligent decision made by the Town of Southport, the historically important and beautifully cared for town that I would love to retire to.

Janet Azarovitz
W. Falmouth, MA



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