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Cattle Rustling To Be Discussed At November 6th Brunswick Civil War Round Table Meeting

General Wade HamptonOctober 17, 2012 - Southport, NC One of the strangest actions of the Civil War took place during September, 1864 as part of the Siege of Petersburg. This daring event will be presented by popular historian and author, Horace Mewborn at the Round Table meeting on Tuesday, November 6th. The title of his presentation is, "Hampton's Cattle Raid."

Short on food supplies, Confederate Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton led a force of 3,000 troops, including "several certified Texas cattle thieves," to acquire cattle that were intended for the consumption of the Union Army which was laying siege to Richmond and Petersburg, Va. With only light opposition, the raid captured almost 2,500 cattle. It was one of the largest cattle rustling operations in American history. President Lincoln called the raid "the slickest piece of cattle-stealing" he ever heard of. And, soon thereafter, when Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was asked by a reporter when he thought he would take Petersburg, "never," said the Union Commander, "if our armies continue to supply Lee's troops with beef cattle."

Horace MewbornHorace Mewborn is a prolific writer and author whose specialty is the Confederate cavalry in northern Virginia. He will provide details and interesting observations about this unusual raid, which while a blow to the Union Army, the Confederates lacked the grain to feed the cattle, so they soon had to revert to their previous dismal food situation.

The meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E. Nash St., Southport. Registration begins at 6:30. Everyone is welcome. The fee for guests is $5 which can be applied toward the $25 annual membership dues. There is no fee for students.

For more information, contact BCWRT president Wally Rueckel at (910) 253-7382, or wruckel@questor.com.



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