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July 20, 2012

Dear Southport Times Readers,

When I think of what I had to leave behind at my dear Southport home, more than a decade ago, I think of my favorite place on the planet Earth. Understandable as it may seem easy to yíall, but thatís how I feel about your town, Iím exactly now 2,536.113 miles from my home on the Cape Fear. Often, Iíve been feeling like a GONER! My town, my favorite people, and my favorite restaurant are far, too far away. Although Iíve eaten at a many places, and itís an amazing world of flavor, Iíve grown fond of living, and experiencing really good places and the best foods, right there in downtown Southport. I drool at the thought of a pig pickiní NC BBQ, salt air; and blue fin crabs, steamed with seasonings, just right. And, donít forget about the Kings, they all rule in my town.

Jeez, Thai Peppers is still living large in Southport, thank goodness. Iíve checked on it a cupíla times! Although Iím not a big time Condť Nast Traveler type person, Iíve traveled enough across the USA 4 or 5 times, and far across to the South Seas on boat to fulfill long ago dreams. Still, I believe that Thai Peppers restaurant is the best place for good eats for me!

I made up a recipe tonight to re-experience the unique flavors of Thai Peppers cuisine. Close, but not like livingí in Southport! I want to come back, but canít. Sweet NC, Thai Peppers is still the very best, in my opinion. Itís especially true if itís my one and only hometown, and not a Southport in somebodyís, somewhere elseís state.

My fond regards and recollections of yíall, my friends and neighbors,

Richard J. Varga, AKA Mr. HomeWorX

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