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USCT is Topic of March Brunswick Civil War Round Table

"The African American Experience in the Civil War Era."February 23, 2012 - Southport, NC - One of the least known and most interesting subjects about the Civil War focuses on the involvement and impact of the USCT. The U.S. Army began to organize African Americans into regimental units known as the USCT in 1863. The enlistment of free blacks and slaves was considered a key to the Union winning the war. Approximately 186,000 African Americans volunteered and served in the USCT cavalry, artillery and infantry units during the war. Of local interest is the fact that one-third of the Union troops involved in the second and deciding battle that led to the fall of Fort Fisher were black. They participated with Union forces at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson, attempting to take control of Wilmington, the last open Confederate port that could provide supplies to the Confederate Army.

Presenting at the Tuesday, March 6th meeting of the Brunswick Civil War Round Table will be special guest speaker Marvin Nicholson. The title of his presentation is "The African American Experience in the Civil War Era." He is a retired African American who spent his entire career as a public school educator and administrator. Upon retirement, Nicholson and others who shared his interest on this subject formed a Civil War re-enactor group representing Battery B, 2nd USCT Light Artillery unit. Over the years, they have participated at a number of battlefield sites, including re-enactments of the final battles at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson. After retirement, he continues to speak to further education about blacks’ involvement in the Civil War through speaking engagements to schools, groups, clubs and other organizations interested in the Civil War.

The Tuesday, March 6th meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E. Nash St., Southport, across from the Post Office. Registration begins at 6:30. Everyone is welcome. There is no admission fee for this meeting. However, guests are encouraged to become members. Annual dues are only $25 for individuals and couples, $10 for students. The Round Table is a non-profit organization, and encourages attendees to join since most of the revenue collected goes toward inviting the most renowned and knowledgeable speakers covering a variety of Civil War-related subjects in addition to battles, armament and personnel. This meeting is a good example.

For more information about the meeting, or the Round Table’s activities and member benefits, contact president Wally Rueckel at (910) 253-7382, or email wrueckel@questor.com.



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