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Event: Oppose the Mega-Port at Southport

Save The CapeOctober 25, 2011 - Southport, NC - Yes Port NC is hosting a pubic meeting to "educate" the public on the "economic benefits" of the mega port at Southport. The press will be there. DOT will be paying attention. Jim Bradshaw, head of Brunswick County Economic Development will be there, Jim Hinnant, President of Wilmington Downtown and Rep Earline Parmon who represents Forsyth County (Winston-Salem!) will be featured speakers to talk about how the megaport will be an economic boon for the County and the State.

This is a great opportunity for opponents of the port project to ask tough questions and demand honest answers. Yes Port NC has been the head cheerleader for this project but their data is paper thin. Their Founder and Executive Director, Lorrie Rutledge lives out of state but thinks it's perfectly appropriate to try to direct and influence the business of NC from the State of Michigan. Let's ask her why.

Timing is critical - Southport elections are coming up and there may be candidates on the fence about the port. Let them know where you stand!

Let's hold Jim Bradshaw and Yes Port NC's feet to the fire and demand they prove their assertion of economic benefit. Source it. Document it.

Be there. And please, WEAR NAVY BLUE SHIRTS to this meeting. Let's present a solid wall of opposition to the port project, sending a loud and clear message all the way up to the Governor's corner office.

Event: Oppose the Megaport at Southport

Date: October 27th

Time: 4:30 - 7:30


ILA Union Hall
211 W. 10th Street
Southport, NC

This announcement was provided by Save The Cape.



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