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Brunswick Civil War Round Table Meeting Announcement

Dr. Stephen R. WiseSeptember 1, 2011 - Southport, NC - President Lincoln’s naval blockade order is a fascinating subject when we begin to understand and assess how these events impacted the eventual outcome of the American Civil War. The blockade and blockade runners are also the subject of the Brunswick Civil War Round Table’s first meeting of the 2011 – 2012 year, to be held on Tuesday, September 6th. Naval blockade actions off the North Carolina coast and other coastal ports; residents’ concerns in Southport (then known as Smithville); and, late in the war, blockade runners into Wilmington that helped keep Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia alive were all key issues and events throughout the war years.

To share his research and assessments, the guest speaker will be Dr. Stephen R. Wise, award-winning Civil War historian, writer, editor, popular guest lecturer, and narrative screen writer. Dr. Wise teaches history as adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort campus. He serves as an advisor to the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust, and is currently serving on the board of the Beaufort County Historical Society and the South Carolina Historical Society Magazine editorial board. He is currently director of the Parris Island Marine Corps Museum and the author of “Lifeline of the Confederacy: Blockade running during the Civil War.”

Registration for the Tuesday, September 6th meeting begins at 6:30 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E. Nash St., Southport, across from the Southport Post Office. Everyone is welcome. There is no admission fee. Visitors are invited to become members. Annual dues are $25 for adults and families, and $10 for students. As a non-profit organization, most of the dues collected go toward inviting the most renowned and knowledgeable historians covering a variety of subject relating to the Civil War period.

For more information, contact president Wally Rueckel at (910) 253-7382, or email at wrueckel@questor.com.



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