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Board of Aldermen Vote To Move Visitor's Center

August 23, 2011 - Southport, NC - After a two-hour meeting with the public on August 22, the Southport Board of Aldermen voted as follows:

Alderman Nelson Adams made a motion to accept the Fort Johnston Committee’s recommendation to move the Southport Visitor's Center to the Garrison House at Fort Johnston along with removing the adjoining tennis court to provide a city parking lot and to relocate the children’s playground located next to the tennis court. The motion was seconded by Alderwoman Vickie Potter.

The full board voted on the motion as follows:

Yes votes from Alderwomen Vickie Potter and Jwantana Frink and Aldermen Ken Karn and Nelson Adams

No votes from Alderwoman Mary Ellen Poole and Alderman Ed Boguskie

The motion carried with the four to two majority.

Members of the Fort Johnston Committee are:

Jwantana Frink, Chairperson
Vickie Potter
Ken Karn
Heather Hemphill (City Parks & Recreation Director)
Ralph Parker (Southport Citizen)
Lee Aldridge (Southport Citizen)

The committee approved the recommendation in their meeting of August 1 with a five to one majority vote. The negative vote was cast by committee member Lee Aldridge.



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