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Silver Coast Winery Announces
"Whining for Wine" Winners

August 1, 2011 - Ocean Isle Beach, NC - When Ann Clawson was called to be informed that she was the winner of the "Whining for Wine" contest she said, "I've never won anything in my life." Ann is a long time member of Silver Coast Winery Wine Club and lives in Ivanhoe, NC.

Her submission reads as follows:

"This is perfect timing. Boy do I have some whining to do. Here's my entry."

Mother's crazy
Husband's lazy
Garden's dry
Cloudless sky
Daughter's broke
Pay's a joke
Hens won't lay
TV don't play
Car won't run
Engine's done
Eat too much
Food's a crutch
Clothes won't fit
Flies don't git
Porch is hot
Boyfriend's not
But I'll be fine
Just need wine."

"Whining for Wine" submissions were to be any lament, poem, limerick, or hard luck story of fifty words or less.

They were judged based on character and structure by:

  • Jacqueline DeGroot: Author of the Seatrail Trilogy, The Secret of the Kindred Spirit and others.
  • Pat Wilson: Business Manager of Pelican Book Store in Sunset Beach, NC.
  • Anne Ipock: Author of Life is Short, I Wish I Was Taller, Life is Short but It's Wide and Life is Short So Read This Fast.

Second place was garnered by Mrs. Linda Seigelwax of Calabash, NC and she whines:

"The Boyfriend"

I'm so sad
I want to cry.
My boyfriend told
a big white lie.

He said he loved me,
which wasn't true.
Now I'm not sure
just what to do.

Oh! Yes I know
How I'll feel fine.
Just pour me a glass
of Silver Coast Wine."

Sharon Bowling of Ocean Isle Beach, NC receives the third place award for:

"Haiku Whine for Wine"

Pleeease let me win wine
My husband buys beer on ice
Oh, hear my lament"

Silver Coast Winery owner Maryann Azzato said," We want to thank all of those people who put pen to paper and took the time to think about "Whining for Wine." The participation of the community and our local Authors is heartening. It's all in good fun."



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