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The Kindred Heart: Holistic Health Counseling

The Kindred Heart: Holistic Health Counseling

Holistic Health Counseling combines nutrition education with positive lifestyle changes. We work together focusing on your needs and your life. If you are dealing with chronic physical and/or mental symptoms that just won't go away and continue to bring you down, there is good news. Our bodies are designed to heal if given the chance. Just a few small changes can change your life!

"When you feel good, everything changes!" Experience the difference that individualized attention and care can make with Holistic Health Counseling. Here, it's all about you.

Specializing in: Gluten-free, Food Sensitivities, Family Health, Positive Lifestyle Coaching, Weight Loss

Here's what my clients have to say:

"I feel fortunate to have met and consulted with Amy concerning my health issues. Her nutritional knowledge along with human compassion are exceptional. I was skeptical at first and needed reassurance that I could make the suggested dietary changes. Amy patiently took time to get to know me and to build trust which fostered belief in myself. I am forever grateful to Amy and hold her dear to my heart." Pamela Schottenfeld, Southport, NC

"If it weren't for Amy's smart intuition and guidance, I would still be struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Knowing what to eat and what I can have is very much thanks to Amy!!! I no longer have to go from doctor to doctor looking for what's wrong. Amy suggested it could be related to food intolerance issues and guided me through the steps. I am now gluten free and dairy free, and no longer in depends! Thank you Amy for helping me get my life back! I will be forever grateful." Robin Bissonnette, Rossmore, CA

"Amy is a caring person who has solid knowledge about living a healthy balanced life. She shows people how to shop for and cook delicious foods, including people with food allergies and sensitivities. Her creative and intuitive energies are good to be around." Janet Luongo, Nourish & Flourish, speaker and author on wellness and creativity, Norwalk, CT

"Amy Wallace has a capturing essence about her. Those who know her are drawn to her spirit for life, to her calming peace of mind and her kind, gentle ways. She is extremely trustworthy and responsible. She has always had a passion for caring and helping others and has an amazing talent to see the beauty inside ourselves. If I had to use one word to sum up Amy's character, it would be Compassionate! Those touched by her "Words of Wisdom" will be forever inspired. She will truly capture your HEART!!" Tracey Gregory, Dayton Ohio

The Kindred Heart is located inside Island Healing Chiropractic. Our team offers a variety of services for your health needs. Chiropractic care, Kinesiolgy, Nutrition, Massage, Yoga, physical fitness, detox and more. We offer support, understanding and compassionate care. Here, it is all about you. Come discover holistic health at its best.

Phone Number:

The Kindred Heart: Holistic Health Counseling
Inside Island Healing Chiropractic
8809 E. Oak Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28465


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