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The Southport Times Acquires Rare
Price's Creek Lighthouse Postcard

October 2, 2010 The Southport Times has recently acquired a rare postcard showing a view of the Price's Creek Rear-Range Lighthouse. Southport Time's Editor, Ben Celinski, said "We have been actively collecting Southport postcards since 2004 when we founded The Southport Times. This is only the second time we have ever seen this postcard come to market. The first time we saw this postcard was at auction on eBay. The postcard sold for just under $200.00."

The Price's Creek Lighthouse, completed in 1849, consisted of two different structures. A "front-range" light and a "rear-range" light. When a vessel was coming up the Cape Fear River they would line up the front-range and rear-range lights. This would ensure they were centered in the channel.

The rear-range light and the Light Keeper's house are long gone. It is speculated that the materials were used in local building projects. The remains of the front-range light are what can be seen from the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry as you are leaving or approaching the Southport ferry dock. The Southport Times also owns an equally rare copy of a postcard of the front-range light. "The purchase of the rear-range light postcard will be a wonderful addition to our collection of rare Southport area postcards," stated Celinski.

Celinski continued, "To give you an idea of how old this rear-range light is, it should be noted that this postcard is from 1908 and the postcard refers to the subject of the postcard as being 'The Old Lighthouse.' It should also be noted, that the picture on this postcard shows, that as of about 1908, when the picture was taken, the lighthouse was already heavily deteriorated and overgrown with weeds and bushes."

This postcard was published by E.C. Kropp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The card was postmarked in Southport on July 23, 1908 at 2:00 PM. The card was mailed to Mrs. B.H. King at 509 South Front Street in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Southport Times is proud to have had the opportunity to acquire this postcard. The postcard will be professionally archived in our collection and will also be displayed on our website in digital format for all to enjoy.

View Rear-Range Lighthouse Postcard

View Front-Range Lighthouse Postcard

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