St. James Plantation Year End Sales

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November 13, 2007 – St. James, North Carolina (NC) - St. James Plantation, one of North Carolina’s most popular and successful recreational residential communities, had real estate sales of $46.7 million for 2007, Julie Frazier, vice president of marketing, has announced.

“Our sales continue strong,” Frazier said, “despite the fact that the national market this year was soft and uncertain. We have found that our buyers remain active and enthusiastic. They have indicated that we have a special product they want.”

St. James Plantation, which borders the Intracoastal Waterway in Brunswick County, has welcomed over 4,000 families as property owners and residents since its establishment in 1991. The number of owners represents full-time residents, homesite owners and second-home owners.

Frazier said the St. James primary market continues to be the eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida, but that the Midwestern states are well-represented also. “Our owners include a wide cross-section of the US,” she pointed out, “but a majority comes from states that border the Atlantic Ocean.”

St. James Plantation has grown steadily since it was created 16 years ago along the North Carolina coast near the quaint village of Southport. A gated, picturesque 5000-acre tract, the popular community has 1800 homes and approximately 200 single-family homes are currently under construction.

St. James offers four championship golf courses and its newest course, the Reserve Club, which was created by the Nicklaus Design, was named “Best New Course” in North Carolina last year. In addition to golf, there is tennis, a marina, beach club, fitness centers, walking and biking trails, and a variety of water sports, including swimming, boating and fishing.

For more information on St. James Plantation, call 800-245-3871 or log on to the website at

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