Farewell to Long Beach Pier

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January 2, 2006 Oak Island, North Carolina (NC) - Local residents, regular visitors and tourists alike are swarming to Long Beach PierLong Beach Pier for one last walk on the historic pier. The pier, officially the longest pier in the state of North Carolina, will close forever on January 6th. The pier will be demolished sometime in February to make way for new oceanfront homes. 

Long Beach Pier was built in the 1950s by Jimmy Bigford who later sold the pier to Harvey Ratcliffe. The pier was operated by Jimmy Ratcliffe for some 20 years before being sold again to Dave Beckner in 1989. Dave Beckner operated the pier for almost 10 years before selling the business to the current owner, Tommy Thomes in 1998.

The pier has withstood dozens of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms over the years but has always been rebuilt. The pier is home to many fond memories and is not likely to be soon forgotten. The closing of the pier was commemorated by a New Year's Eve bonfire on December 31, 2005.

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