Global Day of Prayer
Pentecost Sunday - 15 May 2005

Press Release

April 21, 2005 – Southport, North Carolina (NC) - Transformation Africa gathered momentum on 21 March 2001 at Newlands Rugby Stadium, when a record 45,000 Christians prayed for Cape Town. On March 21, 2002, Christians from all denominations gathered in 8 different stadiums across South Africa. On May 1, 2003, millions of Christians across 28 African countries united in prayer and on May 2, 2004 all 58 African countries (including the islands) prayed for God’s blessing in Africa. This event marked one of the greatest Christian gatherings in the world with more than 22 million Christians praying together.

People’s lives where changed at these events and miracles occurred in churches, denominations and towns.

Now, Africa invites Christians all over the world to join hands in a Global Day of Prayer when an estimated 200 million Christians will unite in prayer on 15 May to ask God to bless the nations . . . so that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord (Hab.2:14).

This is a process that will start in 2005 and continue yearly until 2010.

There is a simple threefold strategy:

  • 6-15 May 2005 – Fasting and praying day and night for 10 days (congregations, cities, regions)
  • 15 May 2005 – Towns, countries and continents will unite to pray in stadiums, churches, market squares, etc. In "closed" countries Christians will come together in other creative ways. Several television, radio and internet services around the world will broadcast of this phenomenon.
  • “90 Days of Blessing” or Community outreach after 15 May 2005. This may include things like evangelism, different types of outreach and help for the poor and needy, etc.

Cape Fear Alliance Church invites you to join hands with us to pray for the world. If you would like to be part of planning Southport's part in this event, please contact Pastor John Chaffin at 457-5665 or send him an e-mail at


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