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What do you mean by a "listing"?
A listing is an actual webpage on The Southport Times. A webpage is not to be confused with an actual website. A webpage is simply a single page within a website. When you advertise on The Southport Times we will provide you with a FREE webpage on The Southport Times website that advertises your business. The Southport Times will send customers to your FREE webpage by advertising your webpage throughout The Southport Times website. Having a FREE webpage on The Southport Times will give your business an online presence or can compliment your current website.

What is The Southport Times?
The Southport Times is the leading online city guide for Southport, North Carolina and the surrounding areas including Oak Island, Bald Head Island, Boiling Spring Lakes and St. James. The Southport Times was founded by a husband and wife in Southport, NC in 2004. We started The Southport Times as a hobby to share the Southport area online. The Southport Times quickly grew into the most visited website in The Southport area and now receives over 360,000 visitors per year.

I don't have a website. Why should I have a FREE listing on The Southport Times?
If you don't have a website this is all the more reason why you should have a FREE listing on The Southport Times. More and more people turn to the Internet to look up phone numbers, look for places to eat, shop and stay and to plan their vacations. You NEED to have an online presence in order to advertise your business or service to these people. Your FREE listing on The Southport Times will act as your online billboard to advertise to the growing Internet savvy population.

I operate a local business in Southport. Why do I need to have a FREE listing on The Southport Times?
People are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet to run and plan their daily lives. With devices such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and other mobile devices and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., people are constantly connected to the Internet, and less so to traditional advertising mediums such as phone books and newspapers. People need to connect to your business on the Internet. They are looking for your phone number, your address, pictures of your business and they are looking to learn more about your business in a virtual world BEFORE they step foot into your physical store. You need to make sure these customers are finding you on the Internet to make that initial connection.

What are the benefits of having a FREE listing on The Southport Times?
The Southport Times will drive many, many customers to your FREE listing. Here these customers can learn more about your business. They can also view pictures of your business, obtain your phone number, your address or any other information they want to know about your business. There are many other benefits to a FREE listing on The Southport Times. View Additional Benefits

What information can I have on my FREE listing?
Your listing can contain pictures of your business, a custom marketing description to inform your customers about your business, your contact information and any other information you would like to provide about your business, such as menus, videos or just about any other information you would like to share about your business.

What will my FREE listing look like?
Your FREE listing will be customized for your business based on the information you provide us. Please view Atlantic Seafood & Steaks listing as an example of what your listing will look like.

How often can I update or make changes to my FREE listing?
You can update your listing as often as you would like. You can change your marketing description, update pictures, advertise sales, etc. as often as you would like at no charge! All you have to do is provide us with the text or pictures exactly as you would like for it to appear on your listing. You can make changes to and update your listing on our Listing Update Page.

Why are you giving away FREE listings?
The Southport Times was created in 2004 with the goal to be the most comprehensive source for information related to Southport, NC and the surrounding area. To that end, in 2011, we decided that every business in the Southport area will be entitled to FREE listing on The Southport Times, with no strings attached.

What if I already have a FREE listing on The Southport Times?
If your business already has a FREE listing on The Southport Times, you can update and make changes to your listing on our Listing Update Page.

What do I need to do to get started?
Getting started is very easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. Simply fill out our short information form and let us take care of the rest!!! Create FREE Listing>>>

Please feel free to Contact Us with any additional questions.


The Southport Times is heavily visited by vacationers looking to visit the Southport area. These vacationers look to the Internet BEFORE travelling to the area to plan their trip. In particular, they are looking for places to stay, places to eat, places to shop and things to do. If you provide any of these services you should seriously consider taking a few moments to create a FREE listing on our site.

Of course, The Southport Times is also used as a reference tool by locals. You will also benefit by keeping your name in front of these customers, as well!

The Southport Times is, by far, the most cost effective advertising available for local Southport merchants.

A FREE listing on The Southport Times will not only expose your business to local Southport area residents but more importantly to the thousands and thousands of people that search the Internet each month for information related to the Southport area.

The Southport Times is the most visited website in the Southport area and is the top destination on the Internet for people seeking information about the area. Each month over 30,000 people turn to The Southport Times to discover all our area has to offer. Advertising with us will expose your business to these potential customers.



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Please feel free to Contact Us with any additional questions.



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