Bald Head Lighthouse Southport, NC 1885

Bald Head Lighthouse Southport, NC 1885 - Front

Bald Head Lighthouse Southport, NC 1885 - Back

Year of Publication (Approximate): 2005

Preprinted Postcard Text (Front): None

Preprinted Postcard Text (Back): Bald Head Lighthouse Southport, NC 1885 - The present 90-foot tower completed in 1817 to replaced the previous tower destroyed by a waterspout in 1812. Decommissioned between 1866 to 1880 due to another tower being built at Federal Point. Deactivated in 1935.

Published By: Leib Image Archives, East Berlin, PA

Postmark: Never Mailed

Postage: Never Mailed

Sent/Addressed To: Never Mailed

Postcard Acquired: December 16, 2005 from Winterville, NC

Editor's Notes: The picture on the front of this postcard is a reproduction of an 1885 photograph of the Bald Head Island Lighthouse. The postcard itself was printed in 2005.

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