Old Baldy Lighthouse, 1817

Old Baldy Lighthouse, 1817 - Front

Old Baldy Lighthouse, 1817 - Back

Year of Publication (Approximate): 2004

Preprinted Postcard Text (Front): None

Preprinted Postcard Text (Back): Old Baldy Lighthouse, 1817 - Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Published By: Peter Doran, P.O. Box 187, Kure Beach, NC 28449, 910-458-6893, www.peterdoranphotgraphy.com

Postmark: Never Mailed

Postage: Never Mailed

Sent/Addressed To: Never Mailed

Postcard Acquired: December 19, 2005 from Southport, NC

Editor's Notes: Peter Doran is a photographer who spends most of his free time taking pictures of Southeastern North Carolina and the Lower Cape Fear Region of North Carolina. View more of Peter Doran's photography at www.peterdoranphotgraphy.com.

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