Palmettos, Smith's Island, Southport, N.C.

Palmettos, Smith's Island, Southport, N.C. - Front

Palmettos, Smith's Island, Southport, N.C. - Back

Year of Publication (Approximate): 1907

Preprinted Postcard Text (Front): Palmettos, Smith's Island, Southport, N.C.

Preprinted Postcard Text (Back): None

Published By: E.C. Kropp Co. Milwaukee

Postmark: Southport, NC - November 26, 1907 and Seaford, NY - November 28, 1907

Postage: 1 Benjamin Franklin Stamp

Sent/Addressed To: Seaford, NY

Postcard Acquired: December 4, 2005 from Savoy, MA

Editor's Notes: Smith's Island is now named Bald Head Island. Therefore, this postcard is effectively a 1907 postcard of Bald Head Island.

We are lucky to have located two different versions of this postcard, both of which are very rare (see other version below). You will notice if you compare the two postcards that the photograph is the same, however, in the later postcard they have chosen to add color to the picture. They have also changed the location of the pre-printed text on the front of the card. The earlier postcard was published by E.C. Kropp Co. Milwaukee and the later postcard was published by Watson's Pharmacy Co., Pub. It is also interesting to note the spelling error on the later card where Palmettos was spelled Palmettoes.

1910s Version

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