Fort Fisher Envelope

Fort Fisher Envelope

Description: This item is known in the stamp and postcard collecting world as a cover, which is simply an envelope. This is a silk cachet cover commemorating the 125th anniversary of the capture of Fort Fisher.

Preprinted Envelope Text: January 15, 1865 - The capture of Fort Fisher was a joint Federal military operation. At 11a.m. Adm. Porter's fleet began firing at the fort, silencing nearly every Rebel gun. The ground forces were then set into motion as the Federals rushed the parapet of the fort. The Yankees were soon swarming over the walls, engaging in hand-to-hand combat. By 9 p.m. all the defenses had been overcome and the occupation was complete. Of the 2,300 Confederate garrison, 1,971 were captured and the rest were killed or wounded. The Union lost between 200 and 300 men.

Postmark: January 15, 1990 - Kure Beach, NC

Postage: 25 North Carolina Commemorative Stamp

Sent/Addressed To: Never Mailed - Commemoratively Stamped and Postmarked

Item Acquired: February 19, 2006 from Richmond, VA

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