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Waterfowl Stamp Featuring Oak Island Lighthouse

Waterfowl Stamp Featuring Oak Island Lighthouse

Availability: Uncommon (See Below)

Approximate Value: $18

Year of Publication (Approximate): 1994

Description: This is a stamp that effectively acted as a hunting license for waterfowl in the State of North Carolina. The stamp was issued in 1994 and expired on June 30, 1995. It was common for waterfowl hunters to purchase 2 hunting stamps, one for hunting purposes and one to keep as a collector's item. This is stamp number 010454.

Artist: Phillip Crowe

Item Acquired: August 7, 2012 from Waynesport, PA

Availability Scale: We have loosely defined 4 categories of availability for classifying items in our collection. There are many degrees of availability within each main category and the opinion of availability is subjective. These 4 main categories have been created to convey to the reader the approximate availability of an item within our collection. The availability is subject to change as new research comes to light.

  • Common - A common item is one where many examples are known to exist. Most modern items are considered common due to the large numbers of items made, published and distributed.
  • Uncommon - An uncommon item is one that does not surface often. There may be many examples of an uncommon item in circulation, but just not as readily available as a common item.
  • Scarce - A scarce item is one that is hardly ever seen outside of a few well known collections such as The Southport Times' Collection, the New Hanover County Public Library's North Carolina Collection or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's North Carolina Collection.
  • Rare - A rare item is an item where only 1 or 2 examples are known to exist. Items in this category may not even exist in the largest and most complete collections. Items in this category have extremely low distribution rates, adding to the rarity of the item.

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