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Construction Of Timber Bridge Begins On Bald Head Island, NC, As Part Of Infrastructure Project

York Bridge Concepts starts construction of a timber bridge across the environmentally sensitive marshlands of Bald Head Island.

York Bridge ConceptsJanuary 12, 2012 - Bald Head Island, NC - On December 15, 2011, York Bridge Concepts began construction of a vehicular timber bridge as part of a joint infrastructure improvement project by the Village of Bald Head Island and Bald Head Island Limited, LLC, in North Carolina. The infrastructure project includes improvements to roadways as well as construction of a timber bridge that will cross marshlands connecting Keelson Row in Harbour Village to the intersection of North Bald Head and West Bald Head Wynds.

The timber bridge has been designed to allow for two-way golf cart and pedestrian traffic reducing congestion and increasing safety by routing pedestrian, tram and golf cart traffic away from Bald Head Islandís commercial corridor.

The timber bridge will be a 520-foot, 2-way traffic bridge with a 5-ton gross capacity vehicular weight with an added pedestrian walkway that features custom-designed guide rails and cable handrails. The finished bridge will have a beautiful arch feature from end-to-end. James York, President of York Bridge Concepts, stated, "York Bridge Concepts is taking every step necessary to preserve the beauty and natural ecology of Bald Head Island. The bridge will complement and emphasize the natural beauty of the marshlands and the island."

Bald Head Island is a second home and vacation community located just off the coast of Southport, NC. With no bridge connecting the island to the mainland, visitors take a 20-minute ferry ride across the Cape Fear. Because there are no cars allowed, the favored method of on-island transport is electric cart, bicycle, or walking. Bald Head Island has been thoughtfully developed and retains much of its wild beauty. Of the island's 12,000 acres, 10,000 have been permanently preserved and will never be developed.

Addressing the environmental concerns of Bald Head Island, York Bridge Concepts is using deck level construction to build the bridge eliminating the need for heavy equipment on the ground. This minimizes the damage to the environmentally sensitive marshlands. Deck level construction (or as it is sometimes referred to, top down construction), is building from a platform or in this case from the bridge itself. As much work as possible is done from the bridge literally reducing the footprint of building the bridge.

In addition to all the precautions taken by York Bridge Concepts to protect the surrounding environment, York Bridge Concepts' techniques reduce the need for additional construction or even bridge replacement and, as a result, decrease the risk of damage to the environment as well as reducing the cost of maintaining the bridge. A York timber bridge, when properly maintained, lasts over 50 years and possibly much longer.

The bridge is expected to be completed by March, 2012.

About York Bridge Concepts

York Bridge Concepts, Inc. (YBC) is the nation's largest on-site timber vehicular bridge builder. YBC works with industry-leading owners and developers on prestigious projects throughout the U.S. and Internationally, creating more than just a solution for crossing lakes, streams, creeks, wetlands or ravines. In this competitive real estate market, developers who want to ensure that their project stands apart from the competition use York Bridges to add value and create a feeling of exclusivity, warmth, and quality for their customers. Based in Lutz, Florida, with almost 27 years of experience, YBC has become well-known for their expertise and cutting-edge innovation in timber bridge design and on-site construction.



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