NBC’s Surface Films in Southport Area

August 26, 2005 - Southport, North Carolina (NC) - NBC’s new series, Surface, has been filming in the Southport area. The show, which is aNBC's Surface drama/adventure series, is about the discovery of new species being found in our oceans.

Film crews were on location today to shoot two different scenes for upcoming episodes. The first was a parasailing scene shot on the Cape Fear River. In this scene a woman who is parasailing watches in horror as the ocean below her is quickly being sucked away. The second scene was shot on the west dam in Boiling Spring Lakes. This scene involved the lake being mysteriously drained. Residents of Boiling Spring Lakes may have been wondering why the west dam has been draining for the past week or so. The purpose was for the shooting of this scene.


The series will be filmed mostly in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, but will film sporadically around the Southport and Fort Fisher areas. Each episode takes about 8 days to shoot, and for each episode they usually shoot three days at Screen Gems Studios and five days at different on-site locations. Screen Gems Studios, located in Wilmington, NC is the largest motion picture studio east of California. Screen Gems is the same studio that was home of Dawson’s Creek for six years and is currently the home of the WB’s One Tree Hill.

Surface stars Lake Bell as Laura Daughtery, Jay Ferguson as Rich Connelly and Carter Jenkins as Miles. Although filmed in theThe Stars of Surface Wilmington/Southport, NC area, the show is set in several different areas around the country including North Carolina, Louisiana, California and Washington, D.C. The show’s scenes also “travel” all over the United States. Today’s scene at the west dam was set in Lake Travis, Texas.

Mark your calendars to watch Surface’s premiere on Monday, September 19th at 8:00pm on NBC. Who knows what familiar places you might recognize!




Behind the scenes of Surface:


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